Hello and Welcome

Hi! I am Chantel the owner and lead stylist behind Chantel Funk Design Inc. I opened the shop December 2012 on a whim! It was a last minute decision and one of the best and most challenging ones I have ever made. Our brand at the salon has grown over the years and it’s about authenticity, happiness, inspiring others and providing excellent experiences.  I pride myself on being as true to who I am and I want my shop to reflect that. The shop and my team may not be as flashy as someone else and we may not have it all “right” as a business but we are passionate, genuine humans who love what we do. Everything within the shop has been built, designed or collected by my husband and myself. We try to source natural, sustainable, organic and/or ethical products when possible and we love to support other like-minded local brands.  I spend a lot of time learning about new trends and improving my craft as well as coaching and mentoring our team to be the best we can be. I also believe whole-heartedly that it is essential to be involved in the community by giving back and reducing our waste to keep our earth clean.  I hope you love what you experience when you come to my shop and I would absolutely love to meet you. Have a sunny day!