Who’s Who – Kerasilk Treatments

dscn3812You may have heard that we are big Goldwell fans, they never fail to amaze us as a Color and Haircare Company. Goldwell is a leading brand around the world in all things hair. They have a team of scientists who work tirelessly to concoct the most innovative technology to go in their products. Today we are focusing on their Kerasilk line that was re-launched in April of this year. Kerasilk has been around for several years primarily as a customize-able blowout service and home care system that lasts up to four months.
As of Adscn3814pril, Goldwell expanded their Kerasilk line to aid in volume, color and repairing damage. They have a very simple expansion of products that are easy to identify and come in beautiful packaging. Of course we
expect nothing less from a Premium Line but the proof really is in the pudding. The old school “deep conditioning treatments” really are a thing of the past. When premium ingredients of much higher quality can be delivered in a unique and exclusive application, the old glob, bag and sit under the hood dryer really is ancient.
Since we brought aboard this line we have fallen in love with it and so have our dscn3813guests. Each in salon treatment has a specific way to be applied and our stylists can customize a treatment formula just for that guest. For those readers who haven’t tried it or want to learn more about it we wanted to share with you some of the technology behind it and which sub-line would be right for you.
Kerasilk was re-launched with Keratransform Technology™ (KT³™) which fuses the power of three ingredients to transform the hair. Special Keratin and lightweight silk make the hair stronger from within as well as protect the color. They are the foundation for all of the Kerasilk formulas. Each sub-line has a third advanced ingredient, inspired by skin care and delivers specialized results dscn3822specific to each of the Kerasilk segments. The lines are interchangeable but to gain the most benefit from the segment its recommended to use it from shampoo to styling. Because they can be intermixed we are able to support the hair in all areas that it
needs. Kerasilk starts at the salon in a Premium Treatment and is maintained at home with the home care.dscn3806
Repower – Enhanced body. This is great for anyone who struggles with volume or they want a solid foundation for a long lasting style.
Reconstruct – Repairs the hair and makes it more supple. This is our hero
treatment, it is really great for almost everyone who has stressed hair and wants it to be healthier.
Color – Helps to make hair color more brilliant and locks it in to be more durable. We recommend this to anyone who has a hard time maintaining color, the have a big change in color or they don’t want to come in every 6-8 weeks to refresh their color.

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