The Whole Fam Jam

dscn3917Hey! We want to take a moment to tell you about our family at Design Inc. and touch base with you about sharing your family with us.
Chantel Funk opened up the shop in December of 2012 and so we are coming up on our four year anniversary. We have had a few members of our team move on over the years but we have also adopted some new faces. Currently there are four of us that make up the crew, Chantel, Jessica, Cassy and Marissa. Combined we share almost 20 years of experience. Each one of us comes from very different backgrounds in both our careers dsc_0069and personal lives but we all very strongly value family.  On weekends we are usually gathering with our parents, siblings, kids, nieces and nephews or sometimes each other. We are also all very unique in our craft and have something different to offer. We think we are a lot of fun too!Not all of us are best suited to each guest that comes in for services either. You can read more about all of us under our bio pages under the services menu above, maybe you still have yet to meet the right stylist for you.
Over the last four years we have also developed some great relationships with our guests and created some very unique and customized looks. Here are some of our favorite looks.
We have had the chance to meet some of our guest’s friends and family and we are so thankful for their visits. Did you
know that for every friend you send we give you $5 towards your next visit? That includes your husband, girlfriend, uncle or even your three year old! We would love to get to know your friends and family. Its very neat to see someone grow up, graduate, get married and be a part of those special memories. A referral is the greatest compliment!