She Bangs

To bang or not to bang. We all ask the question. Some people prefer them, some have never tried them, other have been wearing the same bang from 1982. This time of year we seem to be getting a lot more guests wanting a fringe or bang. It’s as if they thing they keep a person warmer for the winter or something! There are different kinds of bangs, micro fringe, full bang, side swept fringe and some have been a thing of the time. Either way, there is a bang for almost everyone. Sometimes having a fringe is just great to switch it up! Check out how these celebrities look with bangs and without. Photos from Google.

Essentially, bangs or fringe are a design element to soften or enhance features on a face shape. It’s an optical illusion. But sometimes it’s just for fun! Currently we are loving a soft long centre parted bang! Will you get banged? Ask your stylist if they are right for you!