The Dreaded Photo

caircatures-faces-funny-family-imageWe all have them. The dreaded family photos around the holiday time. There is always someone looking the other way, derp face, the kids won’t stand in line or the photographer takes a picture of their finger or the grass instead. It happens every year around thanksgiving and Christmas time. It can be pretty hilarious but also defeating at the same time. I’m sure most of us can agree that we all think we look like elephants the year we take the photo but a few years later we think “wow I was so much thinner there!” It’s a vicious cycle. The best is looking back at all the hairdo’s. Mullets, mushroom cuts, the Farrah and of course watching the men go bald! We also all have that one family member that always has the worst hair. We all wonder what crazy wackadoo look they will show up with. No one ever wants to talk about it but we all wish they would get a new hairdresser. Oh boy!

We are here to rescue your family photos and gatherings by offering our services to your family! We often hear from our guests “I would be embarrassed to send my (insert name of family member here)!” But at the end of the day that family member might really appreciate your referral to us and they might just be up for a change. We would love to meet your family, please send them our direction! We promise not to tell them all your dirty secrets.

We appreciate all your referrals and want to thank you by giving you $5 towards your next service for every person you send us!

Happy hump day from the Design Inc. girls!