Are you protected? 5 tips.

cfdi_32It’s a common discussion in the salon, thermal protection and the damage heat can cause without it. A lot of products these days are labelled with or without heat protection. What they don’t label is how much. As a professional stylist, one can recommend which product is best suited for your hair and your lifestyle. A professional is educated on their products and which ones have different types of heat protection that may be best suited to you. It’s our job to share that with you. We want to give you a couple tips in case you don’t have a stylist. There are two very important factors:

A) – how high does the thermal protection protect

B) – when to use thermal protection

dscn3549Every guest has a unique customized hair regiment that they have either been coached on by their stylist or self investigated. This is why companies create options within their styling lines. It’s important to identify first when you should be applying thermal protection and secondly why type of product best suits you. The common go to is a thermal spray. They are a dime a dozen and not one is created equal. Here are our 5 thermal tips!

1) – Determine your end hair goal. Thermal curls, straightened or blowdried to finish? The finished product is where you want to start, then build your regiment backwards. You may need firm hold or flexible hold, and even possibly volume. All of these may or may not have heat protection.

2) – What is your hair texture? A creme will provide the most control for frizzy or unruly
hair types, where a spray may be more desireable for finer hair types. Possibly even a foam might be appropriate if volume is required.

3) – Are you blowdrying or air drying? If you want straight hair but your hair is curly just remember your strongest hair memory is from wet to dry. If you let your hair air dry curly you will be fighting that curl when you straighten. If you are blow drying you will absolutely need heat protection before then. If your air drying you might want a product you can apply to dry hair before styling.

4) – Are you a forgetful person? If you are, you should get a product you put in your hair right after you shower. A lot chantelfunk_designinc-140320-25of leave in conditioners have thermal protection which you can put in before combing but beware they may not be
strong enough for a 450 degrees flat iron.

5) – Whats the weather like? Make sure your product(s) have anti humidy build in it as humidity has a large effect on the memory in hair. Hair will revert to its natural state when exposed to moisture.

Our advice, see a stylist. It’s not as simple as you may think!

Stay dry friends.