Making the Cut

chantelfunk_designinc-140320-54Over the period of a lifetime, a person may have approximately 300 haircuts. Wowza, that’s a lot. When a person who is in their later years is asked about the haircuts they have had over their lifetime they will mention “the one great haircut” they had back in the day. It makes a person wonder, of all those haircuts why is that specific cut memorable? It could be that it was a one-off with the stylist they saw their whole life, a random last minute cut they had on a vacation or a style they tried but didn’t want to keep up. Maybe you can relate? Have you had one stellar cut that you often refer back to?

img_9858Today we are talking about haircuts. What makes a good haircut? Some may say it is the experience in the salon, if the stylist made you feel comfortable and listened to you. Others may say it’s about the details. We argue that it’s the whole kit and kaboodle. Here’s what we think makes a good haircut.

  • Do you like them? Are the accommodating, welcoming and make you feel comfortable? Do they make you laugh and have a good time? It’s important you get along with your stylist.
  • A thorough consultation, including questions like “what kind of statement do you want your hair to make?” And “what do you currently do to style your hair/what time are you willing to take to style it?” Make sure you are heard and that the stylist understands your hair needs and desires. There should also be discussion of maintenance and upkeep.
  • Your stylist should carefully plan and customize a shape for you and repeat back to you how they will create the cut. They should execute the haircut with precision and everything should be purposeful. It’s all about performance.
  • You need to know how to recreate the shape designed for you. Your stylist should show you the tips and tricks as well as the products or tools required.
  • After your cut, your life should be made simpler. Your hair should co-operate with you and you should love it! (Sometimes trying new styles can prove difficult and just simply not work for you, at least you took the plunge and gave it a try!)

Is your stylist making the cut?