Gift Guide

We thought since its just over five weeks until Christmas we would give you our favourite hair products, tools and accessories to give as gifts! We all love a little pampering so why not give a gift we would love to receive. Here are 6 great options;

• Deep Treatment – Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct $55. Life changing dry hair quencher with premium quality skin care ingredients.

• Hairspray – KMS Maximum spray for a brush able hold that stays in place $18. Great for bangs and top knots.

• Isinis Brush – Made with natural boar bristles for extra shine $45. This brush is ideal for back combing and brushing out curls for a softer look. It will also last forever.

• Kadori Blowdryer – A great mid price professional dryer with great gusto and a six month warranty $120.

• Aligator Clips – For sectioning hair making life so much easier $12 for a set.

• Shampoo and Conditioner – For those friends and family who buy grocery store products a professional shower regiment can be an extra special treat $16-36.

• Travel Sizes – Get one or a few, there are a lot of options. They make super stocking stuffers $4-12.

We also recommend customized baskets to add a personal touch. Come on by so we can help you select some options, you could even treat them to a gift certificate!