As we move into the holiday season and 2017 we are reminded to be thankful. We are very blessed to have the wonderful people in our lives and in our chairs. We have a little community of our own at CFDI and we have truly grown to adore each and every one of you. A lot of you are on instagram and facebook and we get to watch your lives blossom right alongside ours. It’s pretty cool!

In 2016 a lot of things changed for us as a company. Our focus has been to expand our portfolio while increasing our quality of service. Planning for 2017 has been very interesting to say the least! We have learned a lot this year and we are going to try more new things again. One thing we have really strived for at the shop and online is our culture. This blog for example has been a great source of information on products and services available. Another thing we introduced this year is a membership program. We wanted to find a way to thank those of you who have been faithful for the last four years and those of you who have been committed to great hair. At our anniversary party we launched two ELITE memberships that won’t be offered again until our next big event. In the meantime we will be offering a general membership for $100 and this is what it will get ya:

  • $75 gift certificate
  • 5% off retail for one year
  • Invitation to member exclusive events
  • Exclusive offers and promotions

The retail discount can be applied to other offers and promotions. This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of the culture we are creating. See you for your holiday hair!