New Hair Resolutions

Calling all fast paced, no time, career ladies and momma bears! With a new year here it’s time you make some New
img_0572Years resolutions for your HAIR!

Every day that escapes our busy lifestyles is another one we sit and regret not soaking up and making time to do all those little things. It’s time to commit with good intentions to work a little harder AND take the time to sit back and take it all in.

Here are some hair resolutions just for you busy gals:

Protect my locks – I promise to use one product to prevent hair damage.

Pre-book my appointments – I promise to reserve a date (even if I end up having to change it) to ensure I stay on top of maintaining my color and cut.

It’s that simple. Take the worry out of it.  Make life a little more organized, your hair will thank you!img_0571

We recommend these one step products to protect your locks:

KMS California Add Volume Leave-in Conditioner Spray – Provides up to 40% more volume while helping with the tangles and protecting against heat.

Goldwell Just Smooth Styling Milk –  Lightweight lotion spray that helps with fly aways and has heat protection.

KMS California Hot Flex Creme – Lotion designed to give maximum effect and durability when heat styling. Provides heat protection and has anti-humidity.

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Thermo Leave-in Treatment- For dry and stressed hair, providing heat protection, lipid repair and detangling.

All of these products you put in your hair after towel drying and whatever you do or don’t do to your hair you will be all set! Have a Happy New Year from the Design Inc. Girls.