Living in a world with mental health.

Hi, I am Michelle and this is my first blog post for Chantel Funk Design Inc. I wanted to share with you something on a more personal level. My intention is to remove the stigma around mental health in our community but also in my chair. If you are someone who also struggles with mental health illness and disorders or you know someone who does I would love to meet you! I hope I can also give you some suggestions based on my own successes.Mental health illnesses have been known in my family for as far back as my Great Grandmother. She had been treated with electroshock therapy before it was considered a last line of intervention. For as long as I can remember I have also been faced with the daily challenges that come along with having a mental illness and anxiety disorders. I believe to have inherited it from my Fathers family line.  Dealing with anxiety and sustaining good mental health can be overwhelming and I have found that people can be incredibly unaccepting as well as shaming. I find it is important to find the right balance of medication, natural remedies, learning life skills and surrounding myself with people who accept me. Thankfully our culture is changing and awareness is growing about mental health.I strive to be the best I can be in everything I do. Managing my mental health is crucial to my success in my relationships as well as my career. I maintain my mental health in a variety of ways which includes prescribed medication, blue light therapy and some natural methods. I see my family MD as much as I need.  He is very accepting and is a great listener. I feel like when I see him he asks me the right questions to ensure he gets all the facts straight and understands where I am coming from. We have figured out a regiment that works well for me.  When I am feeling extremely panicked I use my essential oils and ingest them. The recipe that works best for me is: 3 drops Frankincense3 drops Vetiver1 drop LavenderI put the essential oils in a veggie based capsule and swallow with water. This recipe has replaced the fast-acting Ativan, which is amazing because oils have no side effects and Ativan is highly addicting.I am very fortunate to have a life partner, my Husband Brendan, who spends time every day encouraging me, reassuring me and lending me his ear. He has been an incredible support to me. I also find animals to greatly reduce my anxiety and stress. I have a horse named Ella and four dogs. My horse and my dogs are extremely helpful when I am feeling down.  Ella my mare is gentle, she is extremely affectionate and loves a good scratch. She makes me so happy. My 4 dogs are all very unique, Dolce is my main anxiety companion as he is incredibly loyal and is very connected to my wellbeing. My other dogs provide great distraction for me and keep me busy.There will always be good days and bad days, ups and downs. It is ok to not be okay and it is okay to ask for help. No one should ever feel alone. Every day is a gift and it is important to remember when each day can be challenging to navigate. If you are struggling with balancing your mental health find someone you can talk to and get help.